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A number of our graduate student art therapists are also licensed or registered therapists, social workers, or counselors.

All student therapists are supervised by Registered Art Therapists.

Eryn Shannon Kollecker

Graduate Student Art Therapist

CiiAT Art Psychotherapy Diploma Student, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Calgary, AB, MST

Eryn is a registered nurse with over 18 years experience in labour and delivery. She is also currently a practicum student with the Canadian International Institute of Art Therapy. Eryn has a passion for working in women’s mental health at all ages and stages of life.

Currently, she’s working on her art-based thesis, where she wants to help women conquer their anxieties and fears around delivery and bridge the gap between pre-labour and postpartum depression/anxiety.

“It’s important to have realistic expectations going into the labour room and taking the time to process the reality of what happened when you are on the other side. Art is a beautiful way to heal and mend the soul.” ESK

Eryn is in good standing with a student membership in the Canadian Art Therapy Association and the Canadian Counseling Psychotherapy Association. As well as the College of Registered Nurses of Alberta.

Charlotte Schneider

Graduate Student Therapist

CiiAT Art Psychotherapy Diploma Student, Mental Health: Aboriginal Connections
Sessions in English
Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta (Currently MST; PDT after February 2022)

Charlotte is a student art therapist, and fine artist based in Surrey, British Columbia. Graduating from Grant MacEwan University in 2009, with a Diploma in Mental Health. Charlotte worked in the human services field for 5 years, spanning her experience in age demographics and therapeutic practice. She’s worked with adolescents to seniors and has exposure in the fields of autism, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder, and complex post-traumatic stress disorder.

Charlotte continues to practice her traditional creative process in oil painting; and through this expression, advocates on how creative expressions provide insight opportunities in exploration and identification into one’s underlying causations within their behaviours and perspectives. Furthermore, she believes the innate emotional therapy comes from the “process-making”; and not from the end product results.

Further into her Art Therapy profession, Charlotte will be enrolling in external courses/readings outside of the CiiAT Art Psychotherapy Program, that focuses primarily on trauma-informed therapy; in hopes to have an additional future specialization for her clientele demographic.

Charlotte’s primary approach comes from both an attachment and solutions-focused modality; and aspires to meet her clients with compassion, empathy and authenticity; thus, ensuring to hold space to meet her client’s where they’re at presently in order to facilitate their healing journey.

Stephanie Kilby

Graduate Student Therapist

CiiAT Art Psychotherapy Diploma Student, Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology
Cayman Islands (GMT-5)

Stephanie Kilby is an art therapy student at the Canadian International Institute of Art Therapy. She is Canadian, having graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from Algoma University and now lives in the Cayman Islands, where her maternal family originates. She has extensive professional experience providing crisis intervention, stress reduction services, wellness workshops, and human resource management. With compassion and empathy, she provides a safe and non-judgmental space in which the client can explore their thoughts, feelings, and needs, assisting them to gain insight into themselves, and facilitating their healing journey through the creative process. Although she does not consider herself an artist, she loves being creative and finds activities such as journaling, decorating, and crafting to be therapeutic, meditative, and healing. Her philosophy is that we are all a work of art, in progress, and the healing journey, although sometimes difficult, can also be playful, without pressure, and filled with love.

Patricia Savoure

Graduate Student Therapist

CiiAT Art Psychotherapy Diploma Student, Bachelor of Sciences in Commerce
Sessions in English, Tagalog
London, United Kingdom (GMT)
Patricia Savoure
I have always been passionate about the healing power of the arts, whether through painting, drawing, handicrafts, dance, theatre, movement, or writing. Making things (or even just marks on paper) has given me comfort, strength and inspiration through deeply stressful and painful experiences. The support I have felt from art is a gift I am honoured to introduce to others. Everyone has something of value to share, from their unique experiences and perspectives. No previous art exposure is needed, only a willingness to play with different materials, explore how you feel, and express what you wish. Through art making, we can safely and gently process experiences and challenges, uncover strengths, and create and work towards goals together. I am a self-taught visual artist and advertising practitioner with 20+ years of experience in various countries. In my corporate life, I mentored young college graduates and worked with stressed office employees. I have also been a volunteer and certified yoga teacher with organizations helping domestic workers and sex workers. Now based in London in the United Kingdom, I am an art psychotherapy student at the Canadian International Institute of Art Therapy. I am looking forward to accompanying you on your personal art discovery journey.

Sarah Keating

Graduate Student Therapist

CiiAT Art Psychotherapy Diploma Student, Bachelor of Science, Honours Neuroscience
Halifax, Canada (AST)

Sarah Keating graduated from Dalhousie University with a degree in Neuroscience and a certificate in Disability Management. Sarah was ‘late’ to embrace art in her life - it wasn’t until she sought Art Therapy in her own healing journey that she recognized the importance of this work and wanted to share it with others. With no formal training in fine arts, Sarah will be the first to tell you that creativity is for everybody, no matter their experience and/or abilities. With a background in group home and respite work, Sarah has experience working with diverse populations, including neurodiverse folks and clients with intellectual disabilities. She embraces a person-centred approach and works to meet clients where they are in ways that are meaningful and effective for them.

Miream Rabba

Graduate Student Therapist

CiiAT Art Psychotherapy Diploma Student, Bachelor of Environmental Studies
Victoria, Canada (PST)

Miream Rabba

Before studying art therapy at the Canadian International Institute of Art Therapy, Miream spent over 20 years working with corporate, NGO and government clients to improve services for people in challenging and vulnerable life situations. She has experience working with people of all ages in many different life situations (out-of-home care, transitioning to independence, parents, low-income, experiencing a shortage of affordable housing) with a diverse range of abilities, physical, neurological and mental health conditions and levels of digital and English literacy in both Australia and Canada. As a practicum student at the Art Wellness Studio & Clinic, Eric Martin Pavilion, Royal Jubilee Hospital in Victoria, BC she helps co-facilitate a safe and inclusive environment for artistic expression. Her Bachelor of Arts degree focused on Environmental Studies, Psychology, and Sociology. She is part of local weaving, writing and creative groups. She has experienced first-hand the transformative potential of art therapy. She is originally from Toronto, ON, spent 13 years in Sydney, Australia, and now calls Victoria, BC home. Please feel free to connect at your convenience.

Chandra Kraus

Graduate Student Art Therapist

CiiAT Art Psychotherapy Diploma Student, Bachelor of Science in Biology
BC, Canada (PST)

Chandra is grateful to live on and work in the traditional territories of the W̱SÁNEĆ and Lkwungen-speaking peoples in Saanich, BC, Canada, with my husband, three children, and a little dog. She has managed a licensed family daycare and worked with children and families for ten years. Her experience is also personal, with breaking generational patterns, living with family members with mental health challenges and autism diagnosis, grieving divorce and loss of a parent, and many other life stages and transitions.

She is a down-to-earth person and a keen life-long learner. Her passion lies in personal wellness and promoting positive change in the world. She has found art to provide her with an outlet to explore solutions and resolve issues. She enjoys using conventional art materials and unconventional materials to allow self-expression and insight.

Her approach is a compassionate and empathetic listener and guides with an intuitive edge. She is eager to work alongside others no matter what stage of their journey they find themselves in.

Penny Hope

Post Graduate Student Therapist

CiiAT Art Psychotherapy Diploma Student, Master of Arts Degree in Clinical Psychology
Peterborough, Canada (EST)

Penny Hope is a graduate student at the Canadian International Institute of Art Therapy. She comes to the program with a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology, training in various therapeutic approaches, and experience as a psycho-educational consultant. Penny is currently in a private practice where she works with clients of all ages who are looking for support to function and grow in an increasingly complicated and busy world. She has experience working with people who are processing trauma, loss, relationship challenges, anxiety, depression, life balance issues, and family dynamics. Penny believes that her role as a therapist is to allow clients to be in charge of their own journey toward wellness while ensuring that they have the needed support and a safe space in which they can do their work. Penny has always been a lover and creator of art. She has dabbled in painting, sculpture, textile work and the use of recycled materials. She is married, has two adult children, and enjoys the vibrant arts community that exists in Peterborough, Ontario, where she has embraced tiny house living and a love of dogs.

Julie Chaplin

Student Therapist

CiiAT Art Psychotherapy Diploma Student
Smithers, BC PDT

Julie Chaplin is a self-taught artist with a background in Acupressure, Shiatsu, Reiki and relaxation massage. She is currently supporting her art therapy education with an office administration job while still teaching guided meditation and meditative painting classes. Julie is passionate about helping others realize their full potential and gain insight through art and the creative process. Through her calming voice and friendly demeanour, Julie will help you tap into your creative self and help you feel at ease to explore and create. If Julie isn't creating art herself, you will most likely find her in her garden or adventuring with her family.

Barb Pierce

Post Graduate Student Therapist

CiiAT Art Psychotherapy Diploma Student, CD, BEng, MBA, PCC
Carp, Canada (EST)

Barb Pierce, CD, BEng, MBA, PCC

Barb Pierce is a graduate student at the Canadian International Institute of Art Therapy. She comes to the program with Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and Certified Executive Coach (CEC) designations, as well as extensive experience working in wellness organizations as a coach, yoga and mindfulness teacher, and family peer supporter. She has led numerous coaching workshops and yoga retreats around the world.

An avid artist, Barb's favourite mediums are watercolour, soft pastels, coloured pencils, and ceramics. She is a lifelong learner and is always willing to try something new.

Having overcome many of her own personal challenges, she believes that no matter what has happened, everyone has the ability to make positive changes in their lives. Barb integrates a flexible blend of somatic (body-oriented) and solution-focused therapy while allowing the client to be in charge of their own healing journey.

Sabrina Louie

Graduate Student Therapist

CiiAT Art Psychotherapy Diploma Student, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education
Sessions in English
Montreal, QC (EDT)

Sabrina Louie is an art therapy student in the Art Psychotherapy Diploma program with CiiAT. She has previously completed an Art Education major with a minor in Psychology, at Concordia University in Montreal, where she currently resides. Through her experience in an art education program, she has experience working with various populations. It is also through these experiences that she has witnessed the evolution and transformations of individuals who discover new ways in which to express themselves creatively. Thus, beginning her journey to become an art therapist and satisfying her need to create and express creatively, and to help others express themselves as well. Sabrina’s past experiences have been mostly arts-based and promote an exploration of art-making and creative expression that is authentic and genuine to one’s self.

Teresa Wilcox

Graduate Student Therapist

CiiAT Art Psychotherapy Diploma Student, Bachelor of Arts
London, ON EDT

Teresa Wilcox's background in early childhood development, education, and family relationships has readied her to support children and parents on their healing journey. Through play and artistic exploration, she will discover your strengths, abilities, and art-making's healing power. She has varied professional and life experiences as an early childhood educator, a business entrepreneur, and a mother of two. Teresa is a graduate of Sociology from The University of Western Ontario, a registered Early Childhood Educator, and a graduate of Fine Art. This abundance of experience has enriched her identity and grown her abilities to co-create positive outcomes with those around her. Teresa will guide you through your journey of challenges to uncover your strengths. Teresa is inspired in her journey as an art psychotherapist student gaining more tools to assist others on their healing adventures. She appreciates being creative through painting and sharing her vision through the lens of a camera. Teresa's goal is to create a safe and welcoming environment where you can feel comfortable during your time exploring artistic expression.

Man-Hsuan Chen

Post graduate student therapist

CiiAT Art Psychotherapy Diploma Student, Bachelor of Fine Arts, in Lighting Design; Master of Arts, in Design for Social Impact
Sessions in English, Mandarin
Taiwan (UTC+8)

Man-Hsuan Chen is a student art therapist based in Taiwan. She has a fine arts background and has worked as a lighting designer for 7+ years in performance art across the globe. Although her career was very fulfilling and her enthusiasm for lighting remains, she felt a need to give more directly to others. As a result, she has shifted her career to pursue her true calling as an art therapist. Man specializes in helping the under-represented or the less privileged members of society. Before becoming a student therapist she studied social design in Paris, France, and held an arts program for Afghan refugees and the homeless in Paris. This experience cemented her desire to become an art therapist.

Man welcomes her clients into a safe, accepting, therapeutic space where they are free to express themselves. They can expect open-mindedness, compassion and an unyielding will to help. When she isn’t working on her craft as an Art Therapist, or as a Project Ordinator in an NGO, Man enjoys her days with two lovely little dachshunds called Kyumo and Cabbage.

Rebecca Donnelly

Graduate Student Therapist

CiiAT Art Psychotherapy Diploma Student, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Port Perry, Canada (EST)

Rebecca Donnelly is a student in the Art Psychotherapy Diploma Program at the Canadian International Institute of Art Therapy. She has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and has been working as a Registered Nurse and nursing educator for almost fifteen years. She has worked with clients across the lifespan and has supported those struggling with mental health, addictions, grief, trauma, and loss. She draws upon this knowledge while moving into the realm of artistic expression as a means to healing.

Rebecca does not consider herself an artist but has always been drawn toward artistic means of expression, including visual arts and music. Within a safe and non-judgmental space, her caring and empathetic approach creates an environment for creative expression and healing.

Nicole Haywood

Graduate Student Therapist

CiiAT Art Psychotherapy Diploma Student, Bachelor in Fine Arts

CiiAT Art Psychotherapy Diploma Student

Sessions in English
Calgary (Mohkínstsis), Alberta, Canada (MST)

Nicole Haywood is a student art therapist, fine artist and poet based in Calgary, Alberta.

Early in her life, Nicole learned to use art making as a tool to express the hidden parts of herself and to process her difficult experiences. For Nicole, art-making has become an integral spiritual and therapeutic practice that she believes has helped keep her alive through some of her most difficult times.
After completing her Bachelors in Fine Art, Nicole was excited to pursue her certification in art therapy so she could help others also use creativity to aid in their healing journey.

Nicole aspires to offer her clients authenticity, humour, and a warm person-centred, down-to-earth approach. She hopes to create a comfortable space for clients to reflect, reveal, honour, and play within the creative process.

You May Say:
"But I'm not a creative person! "

Nicole Would Respond:
"I deeply believe creativity is inherent to being human. If we look closely it can observed in every area of our lives!
For example, it can be found in your navigation of difficult relationships, the way you organize your playlists, the magic you create in the kitchen, in your summer projects out in the yard, the way you love your family, the new systems you implemented at work, the metropolis you built in Minecraft, or even in the artful way you have been postponing that important task!

Where in your life might you have overlooked your innate ability to creatively adapt to the shifting world around and inside of you?"

Thanh-Mai Tran

Post Graduate Student Therapist

CiiAT Art Psychotherapy Diploma Student, Bachelor Of Science & Psychology
Sessions in English, Vietnamese
Vietnam (UTC+7)

I am Thanh Mai Tran. People usually call me Mai. I am from Vietnam. I graduated with a master's degree in psychology from the University of Hertfordshire, UK. Recently, I have been a student art therapist at the Canadian International Institute of Art Therapy. Expressing via visual arts, especially abstract painting and drawing, is one way I mainly use to take care of myself. I am not an artist, so I do not mind if my end product is technically perfect. Instead, I concentrate more on the process of creating the artwork, where my feelings are expressed and embraced. During my years working in the educational and social work sectors, I have also integrated visual arts into my classes and community projects. Looking at my students and the participants, who enjoyed the art-making process, made me realize that it is not only for myself but also for others to engage, connect and support themselves regardless of age. Therefore, with a great passion for art and people’s development, mental health and well-being, I would like to integrate the power of art into psychological support for individuals in diverse communities. Practicing as a student art therapist, I would like to offer an art process-making with diverse materials/media where people feel comfortable and safe enough to explore and express themselves.

Ummul-Kiram Patrawala

Graduate Student Therapist

CiiAT Art Psychotherapy Diploma Student, BBA
English, Hindi, Gujarati
Mississauga, Canada (EST)

Ummul-Kiram Patrawala is a mom to 3 boys and a former marketing executive, who was born in India and immigrated to Canada when she was 18. Ummul-kiram's passion to serve was born from her own challenges she faced as a mother of young kids, managing a career and household and not knowing how to take care of herself.

For the past 7 years, she has been practicing in pelvic health rehabilitation by coaching women to come into the driver's seat of their healing journey, using a blend of somatic trauma therapy, mindfulness, yin yoga and meditation approaches. Weaving in art therapy allows her to bring playfulness into the healing journey, and she personally enjoys creating using oil pastels, chalk, clay, and materials found in nature. Ceremonies and rituals are how she weaves in the medicine of art in her daily life.

She hopes to make art therapy and psychotherapy more accessible to women from her own lineages (East Indian and/or Muslim faith). She offers sessions in English, Hindi and Gujarati). She works from an anti-oppressive and trauma-informed lens.


Amber Channell

Amber Channell

Clinical Manager

Drumheller, AB, Canada (MT)

Amber Channell is a Registered Art Therapist with 20+ years of experience working in various settings, including a women’s shelter, a group home, a hospital and a private practice. Most of her art therapy experience has been within a school division, where she had the opportunity to work with over 700 children and adolescents through individual sessions, art therapy groups and classroom presentations. Most recently, she took on the role of Clinical Manager of a private practice, providing supervision and professional development to practicing therapists. She has never strayed from her passion for art therapy and is now thrilled to be a part of CiiAT, where she can pass on her experience to new art therapy students and therapeutic arts practitioners.

Hanna Bincik

Assistant VATC Site Supervisor

Professional Art Therapist (CiiAT Art Psychotherapy Diploma), Master of Science in Clinical Psychology

CiiAT Assistant VATC Site Supervisor

Sessions in English
New Brunswick, Canada (ADT)

Hanna Bincik is a recent graduate of the CiiAT Art Psychotherapy Diploma Program. She has always had a strong desire to support others and reduce the stigma around mental health in a variety of contexts. Her research background and training through her master’s in clinical psychology informs her person-centered approach to art therapy and her desire to make mental health support services more accessible. As a student, she was grateful for the opportunity to work with clients in the VATC and is excited to support other students as they complete their practicums in her role as Assistant Site Supervisor.

Michelle Winkel

Michelle Winkel

Clinical Director


Registered Art Therapist in Canada and the USA.
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California.

Michelle is a Registered Art Therapist, trained facilitator, and supervisor with twenty years of experience working directly with groups, families, and individuals. Michelle is the Clinical Director for the Canadian International Institute of Art Therapy. Currently, she serves on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Art Therapy Association.

Making art has always been her solace, passion and fascination from childhood onward. When her first career in architecture did not satisfy her creative and social needs, art therapy was a natural, perfect fit! Since then, she’s never looked back.

Cheryl-Ann Webster

Cheryl-Ann Webster

Executive Director

BA Honours, RCAT

Registered Canadian Art Therapist

Cheryl-Ann is the Executive Director, faculty member and student advisor at the Canadian International Institute of Art Therapy. She holds a BA Honours in Culture & Communications from Lancaster University. She is an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation and has been a Professional Member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers since 2008. She graduated as a Professional Art Therapist in 2018 after over 20 years of experience as a Therapeutic Artist and is now a Registered Canadian Art Therapist.

Having worked as both a Professional Speaker and a Professional Art Therapist, Cheryl-Ann blends her passion for learning, the creative arts, and her interest in human dynamics.

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