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Art therapy combines creative processes and psychotherapy to help you meet your mental health goals. Feel stronger, calmer, more capable and self aware. It can also help you manage stress, improve communication, become more imaginative, hopeful, and resourceful. Our online art psychotherapy clinic is available from the comfort and safety of your own space with just a tablet, computer or phone.

If you are in crisis, virtual art therapy is not right for you at this time. Please call your local emergency number.


  • You don’t need any art experience
  • Simple pens, pencils, or things you likely have around the house are all the art supplies you need
  • With the camera on your phone, tablet, or laptop you can join a virtual therapy session at a time you choose
  • Our art therapy post-graduate students will take it from there

While our therapists practice all over the world, our virtual clinic schedule runs on Pacific Time (Vancouver, Canada).

Please check World Time Buddy to convert the schedule to your time zone.

Our art therapy graduate students practice under the supervision of a Registered Art Therapist and Licensed Family Therapist.

I particularly liked our group sessions

I particularly liked our group sessions and did interchange with some very lovely people. Thank you!

VATC Client

I have been supported with emotional safety

I have been supported with emotional safety along the road to an answer and clarity of the original question I had when I started the therapy. I am remembering who I am!

VATC Client

So restorative

Virtual Art Therapy is so restorative!!

VATC Client

An extraordinary experience

I can’t say enough, really, about how extraordinary my experience has been, and is, with the CiiAT Student Therapist. I’ve had the advantage of free therapy for years in Ontario, but can’t recall ever feeling heard, understood or even taken seriously before.

VATC Client

Loved it!

I have done a few sessions with a CiiAT Student Therapist and have loved it!

VATC Client

It’s been wonderful

It’s been wonderful to work with a CiiAT Student Therapist and I’ve loved creating art at home.

VATC Client

Profoundly meaningful and delightful experience

I would highly recommend to anyone to give yourself the gift of this profoundly meaningful and delightful experience!

VATC Client

What an amazing experience

Wow!  What an amazing experience it was to journey with a CiiAT Student Therapist through Virtual Art Therapy session!

VATC Client

Why choose VATC?

For more detailed information, please check our Frequently Asked Questions.


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