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Individual Art Therapy

Accessible and Affordable Mental Health Support Through Virtual Art Therapy

Individual art therapy sessions harness your creativity to address challenges in a supportive virtual environment. Guided by our post-graduate student art therapists and clinical supervisors, you’ll explore creative expression, discover hidden strengths, overcome challenges, and build deeper connections. Embrace art therapy to cultivate resilience, find inner peace, and navigate life’s complexities.

Begin your journey to a brighter, more empowered self today.

Discover Individual Virtual Art Therapy Sessions

Where will my individual sessions take place?

Our Virtual Art Therapy Clinic uses a telehealth platform called Jane App, which is entirely virtual, keeping both you and us organized and informed. Your sessions will take place through secure video conferencing, allowing you to participate from the comfort of your home on your own device.

When will my individual sessions take place?

During your initial appointment, you and your post-graduate student art therapist will discuss your therapeutic goals. Together, you will decide on the best timing for your sessions, ensuring they align with what you want to work on.

What do I need to have for my sessions?

Our Virtual Art Therapy Clinic is entirely online, so you will need a device with a camera, microphone, and secure internet connection for your sessions.

We recommend having a variety of art materials at your workstation. Your post-graduate student art therapist can work with whatever materials you have available.


How do I start?

Start by taking this self-assessment and booking your initial appointment.

Intake Appointment

During your initial appointment, you’ll meet with a post-graduate student art therapist and their supervisor. This session is designed to help you determine if the post-graduate student art therapist is the right fit for you. It also allows the therapist to learn more about you and your therapeutic goals, providing direction for future sessions. This collaborative appointment is the first step in building a strong therapeutic relationship.


Your virtual art therapy sessions will be held with your post-graduate student art therapist via video conferencing. Each session will include time for creating art and discussing the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that arise during the process.

Throughout the session, your student art therapist will offer gentle support and guidance, ensuring you feel comfortable and heard. Each session is tailored to your unique needs and therapeutic goals, fostering a nurturing environment for growth and healing.


All good things come to an end, and concluding your sessions with us is an important part of the therapeutic journey. This process is guided by you, with your student art therapist providing support. Whether you choose to reduce the frequency of your sessions, take a break, or end your virtual art therapy, we are here to help you transition smoothly and comfortably.

Embark on the Journey to Creative Healing

I highly recommend the Virtual Art Therapy Clinic

I highly recommend the Virtual Art Therapy Clinic for anyone who is looking to try something new, deepen or augment an existing practice, and/or work on something specific with a truly phenomenal therapist in a really special and healing way!!

VATC Client

Loved it!

I have done a few sessions with a CiiAT Student Therapist and have loved it!

VATC Client

So restorative

Virtual Art Therapy is so restorative!!

VATC Client

Would recommend to anybody!!

It brings a new perspective to my art, and thinking, and helps me step outside of my own! Would recommend to anybody!!

VATC Client

I don’t know if this will be a fit for me?

Upon my first consideration of art therapy, my initial thought was, “I’m not an artist, so I don’t know if this will be a fit for me?”  If you have a similar thought, let me help alleviate any reservations you might have. You do not need any “artistic aptitude”.

VATC Client

An extraordinary experience

I can’t say enough, really, about how extraordinary my experience has been, and is, with the CiiAT Student Therapist. I’ve had the advantage of free therapy for years in Ontario, but can’t recall ever feeling heard, understood or even taken seriously before.

VATC Client

So valuable

The personal exploration and insights I discovered through my work with the CiiAT Student Therapist have been so valuable and I’m so glad I participated.

VATC Client

It’s been wonderful

It’s been wonderful to work with a CiiAT Student Therapist and I’ve loved creating art at home.

VATC Client

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