Virtual Art Therapy Clinic

All art therapy sessions are facilitated online and are available by donation. Using a camera on your computer, tablet, or phone, our art therapy graduate students will guide you through your own individual healing process.
While our therapists practice all over the world, our virtual clinic schedule runs on Vancouver, BC, Canada/Pacific Time. Please check World Time Buddy to convert the schedule to your time zone.
Nicole Haywood

Donation Options

Donations help those who are unable to afford these services.

Nicole Haywood
Graduate Student Therapist
CiiAT Art Psychotherapy Diploma Student, Bachelor in Fine Arts
CiiAT Art Psychotherapy Diploma Student
Sessions in English
Calgary (Mohkínstsis), Alberta, Canada (MST)

Nicole Haywood is a student art therapist, fine artist and poet based in Calgary, Alberta.

Early in her life, Nicole learned to use art making as a tool to express the hidden parts of herself and to process her difficult experiences. For Nicole, art-making has become an integral spiritual and therapeutic practice that she believes has helped keep her alive through some of her most difficult times.
After completing her Bachelors in Fine Art, Nicole was excited to pursue her certification in art therapy so she could help others also use creativity to aid in their healing journey.

Nicole aspires to offer her clients authenticity, humour, and a warm person-centred, down-to-earth approach. She hopes to create a comfortable space for clients to reflect, reveal, honour, and play within the creative process.

You May Say:
“But I’m not a creative person! ”

Nicole Would Respond:
“I deeply believe creativity is inherent to being human. If we look closely it can observed in every area of our lives!
For example, it can be found in your navigation of difficult relationships, the way you organize your playlists, the magic you create in the kitchen, in your summer projects out in the yard, the way you love your family, the new systems you implemented at work, the metropolis you built in Minecraft, or even in the artful way you have been postponing that important task!

Where in your life might you have overlooked your innate ability to creatively adapt to the shifting world around and inside of you?”

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