Virtual Art Therapy Clinic

All art therapy sessions are facilitated online and are available by donation. Using a camera on your computer, tablet, or phone, our art therapy graduate students will guide you through your own individual healing process.
While our therapists practice all over the world, our virtual clinic schedule runs on Vancouver, BC, Canada/Pacific Time. Please check World Time Buddy to convert the schedule to your time zone.
Hanna Bincik
Assistant VATC Site Supervisor
Professional Art Therapist (CiiAT Art Psychotherapy Diploma), Master of Science in Clinical Psychology
CiiAT Assistant VATC Site Supervisor
Sessions in English
New Brunswick, Canada (ADT)

Hanna Bincik is a recent graduate of the CiiAT Art Psychotherapy Diploma Program. She has always had a strong desire to support others and reduce the stigma around mental health in a variety of contexts. Her research background and training through her master’s in clinical psychology informs her person-centered approach to art therapy and her desire to make mental health support services more accessible. As a student, she was grateful for the opportunity to work with clients in the VATC and is excited to support other students as they complete their practicums in her role as Assistant Site Supervisor.

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